Route Sales Professional

Location: Nashville Regional Sales Center - 414

Job Description


Job Title: Route Sales Professional (RSP)

Reports To: Region Manager (RM)

FLSA Status: Exempt


General Summary

A roaming salesperson paid on a commission basis and employed in the capacity of an outside driver-salesman or saleswoman whose principal and most important duty is selling a variety of Golden Flake snacks products to retailers/customers within an assigned territory on a regular basis. In furtherance of the employee’s sales efforts, he/she is tasked with growing his/her route and maximizing current sales volume through superior service and customer satisfaction and the active marketing of as many products as possible to new and existing customers, all while maintaining a profound familiarity with company brands, marketing opportunities, product inventory/availability, and company sales materials. As the only primary customer contact, he/she is also responsible for providing excellent and personalized customer service, performing incidental functions such as increasing product visibility, maintaining proper product presence, obtaining and processing purchases, developing and completing orders on-site, and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Directly responsible for all sales activity within an assigned territory.
  • Acts as the sole and primary sales contact to all Golden Flake retailers/customers within an assigned territory.
  • Visits customers’ place of business on a customary and regular basis for the primary purpose of making sales and performing activities strategically designed to enhance or maximize product purchases by current customers and their respective consumers.
  • Assesses on-site product inventory maintained by customer and determines recommended purchase quantities and varieties of product necessary to maintain adequate product presence.
  • Assesses geographic and demographic needs on a store by store basis to increase and maximize sales.
  • Upsells and introduces new Golden Flake products as appropriate to new and current customers.
  • Solicits and develops product orders or commitments for purchases in-person from customer personnel.
  • Oversees and approves any call-in orders from customers within an assigned territory and frequently visits customers to develop increased sales.
  • Instantly consummates customer orders on-site from available stock in vehicle.
  • Constantly identifies new ways to increase and improve sales metrics by promoting the use of promotional and non-promotional supplementary displays to new and existing customers.
  • Constantly searches for and procures additional temporary or permanent shelf space within existing store accounts by soliciting authorized personnel for such space for the purpose of expanding sales.
  • Markets new and existing merchandise to consumers to induce additional purchases in furtherance of RSP’s own sales efforts.
  • Develops strong rapport with all customers, key decision-makers, and other personnel capable of influencing sales in order to sway retailers/customers towards purchasing more company products and carrying new Golden Flake merchandise not currently sold in their stores.
  • Communicates market intelligence and reports on problems which may be impacting sales to direct supervisor and Region Manager.
  • Seeks assistance/guidance from management personnel and collaborates with Region Managers concerning sales planning and the pursuit of new sales opportunities.
  • Actively participates in sales meetings and offers suggestions to management and to other RSPs as to how to maximize sales.


Additional Sales-Related Support Functions

  • Plans, pre-sells, delivers, and builds Golden Flake’s product presence within an assigned territory in furtherance of RSP’s sales efforts.
  • Develops overall product sales plan by assessing customer needs and priorities.
  • Selects and places point-of-purchase material(s) on products to drive awareness to promotional pricing and enhance consumer sales.
  • Follows-up on promotions by communicating past successes and failures to supervisors and/or retailers.
  • Collaborates with customers on ways to increase sales.
  • Responsible for the creation of a tailored product presence designed to meet customer satisfaction and stimulate consumer sales/demand. Evaluates and monitors efficiency of existing product presence on sales.
  • Understands the principles of a plan-a-gram and uses it as a reference tool in building a customized product sales presence that maximizes product accessibility and sales to consumers.
  • Selects and utilizes plan-a-grams, materials, displays, and innovative shelf designs that account for demographic, economic, and social aspects. Makes geographical and store-by-store adjustments to put “the right products” in “the right place”.
  • Provides feedback to Sales and Marketing departments and makes suggestions based on field observations to enhance sales activity.
  • Gathers and provides useful information to all sales support personnel regarding sales and promotions of competitive products by other snack foods companies in existing customers stores and in potential new customer stores.
  • Ensures that assigned Golden Flake sales vehicle is operating in a safe manner and that it is in suitable condition for road operation/travel. Immediately reports all observed or perceived safety or maintenance issues to appropriate Golden Flake personnel.
  • Ensures proper handling of all currency, checks, and other forms of payment received from customers after completion of sales


Route Sales Professional Incidental and/or Non-Essential Functions

In conjunction with your sales activities, you will also perform other incidental functions:

  • Enhances product presence by properly rotating (back to front) product at customer location and removing from the shelf any outdated or non-saleable product.
  • Rearranges in-store merchandise and maintains attractive product presence as necessary with an aim towards encouraging increased consumption of Golden Flake’s products.
  • Places, updates, and/or removes promotional posters, marketing displays, and other Golden Flake paraphernalia used to drive product visibility and induce product purchases by consumers of merchandise sold and attributed to the RSP.
  • Predicts consumer needs and pre-selects product inventory and new items from warehouse on an as-needed basis in order to facilitate immediate, on-site completion of customer orders and increase sales activity within assigned territory.
  • Returns all reusable corrugated to earn compensation for returned cartons.
  • Attends all off-site sales conferences and Golden Flake-sponsored training or continuing education on the art of sales, persuasion, marketing strategies, etc.
  • Attends regular product sales-related organizational or strategy meetings.
  • Maintains up-to-date copy of the route book to chronicle sales activity and keep clear, accurate, and concise sales-related customer and product data.
  • Maintains an up-to-date copy of the load book.
  • Adequately completes and submits all forms and paperwork as required by company policies.
  • Informs management of competitive activities.
  • Maintains a clean and organized vehicle and employs proper product rotation methods.
  • Wears Golden Flake-approved uniform to increase brand and product visibility.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Reporting Relationships

Reports to the Region Manager


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Must be at least 19 years of age.
  • Previous sales experience preferred.
  • Sales skills and knowledge of the snack food business preferred.
  • Requires a valid driver’s license.
  • Must be able to operate a route sales delivery step van in a safe and competent manner.
  • Requires the ability to lift, carry and transport products into accounts through the use of a hand truck in order to fulfill RSP’s own sales.

Health and Safety

  • Responsible to follow all safety rules and work safely at all times.
  • Responsible to report unsafe equipment and practices to supervisor.




Working Conditions


  • Indoor/outdoor environment.
  • Exposure to various temperatures.
  • Slippery floors.


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